Synthesis Studio

Enrico La Spina

Enrico La Spina was born in Catania in October 1982. Since he was a child he has nurtured and cultivated a very confused love for music that still accompanies him. Read more

Riccardo D’Antone

Riccardo D’Antone was born in Catania in 1972 into a family that for generations has been involved in the artistic processing of wood. Read more

Alexandra Yashan

Alexandra Yashan is a designer and artist who believes in natural algorithms and parametric
logic in design . which means nothing more and nothing less than is needed . Read more

Marco La Spina

Marco La Spina was born in Catania in 1980. He grows up in the environment full of creativity, strongly influenced by the relatives who are well-known artists and by the figure of his Grandfather, an engineer. Read more