Marco La Spina

Marco La Spina was born in Catania in 1980. He grows up in the environment full of creativity, strongly influenced by the relatives who are well-known artists and by the figure of his Grandfather, an engineer.

During the university period together with two colleagues (still being a student in Architecture) he founds “Hexagon Architecture and a graphic design Studio” specializing in 3D modeling and rendering, the studio collaborates with prestigious national and international technical studies and “museum centers” distributed throughout Italy. In 2011 he graduated with honors in Architecture at the University of Catania based in Syracuse. After graduating, as well as continuing to work in the studio that he founded, he decides to devote himself to design by realizing the design of furniture for Franchising and commercial activities in general, working environments (offices and conference rooms) and home interiors. In 2014 he founded a “WAU design group” with a group of 3 young professionals with the aim to cooperate craft and professional activities under a single brand for the design, construction and sale of furniture design. Today he continues to work as an interior designer implementing on himself Confucius’ well-known aphorism “Choose the work you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.